Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Why Choose Us?
We Accept Poor Credit
You may have already been turned down for a loan by a bank. Don't let that stop you from applying with us. We have very different rules than banks and what they will reject we will usually accept.

Quick Deposits
The deposit into your account can be made on the same day if you apply soon and by the next business day if you're after the cutoff. No matter what, that's still much faster than you'll get from most banks.

We've been doing this for a while so we won't make any mistakes with your account. You can trust us to get things right. Thousands of other borrowers already do.
What To Expect
Fill In Our Application
Take a look at our application form for yourself. You can see that it's a tiny little document that you can easily fill out in five minutes or so. Once you've done that it's off to the next step, which is:

Verify Bank Account Details
To verify your bank account details you'll install our screen capture program which runs on most desktop operating systems and smartphones.

Money Deposited Directly
You won't have to pick up a cheque or even deal with another human being throughout the whole process. The money will just appear in your account without any work on your part at all.

Repay The Loan
Repaying the loan is just as hands free and easy. Our customers love how little effort there is involved in getting payday loans with us.
Our Promise
Protecting your privacy is a major business objective of ours. We are in this business for the long term and it is incumbent on us to safeguard the reputation of the payday industry.

Multiple Loans
We won't give out multiple loans at once. It can be hard to resist temptation when there's easy credit around, but we won't be a party to customers overextending themselves.

Your Right To Cancel
Give our customers the right to cancel frees them from the fear of applying and then being stuck with a loan when they could have found an alternative solution.

Rollovers Prohibited
We'll never engage in the practice of rollover loans because it is against our core business principles of integrity and honesty.

We Lend Across Hawaii
Major Cities